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13th November 2020Date I graduated from Northcoders bootcamp
1Cups of coffee i drink every day

About Me

Hello, world!

I'm Tia Eastwood; a creative coder & full stack developer from Manchester, UK. I'm also a former art graduate and, more recently, a graduate of Northcoders bootcamp. As a passionate creative, I reached a point in life where I was ready for a new challenge. My love of technology and innovation motivated me to learn how to code and pursue an exciting career in software development. I have now graduated from bootcamp and acquired a range of full-stack development skills which I am eager to expand on. I'm looking forward to what the future has in store for me!

HTMLCSSJavascriptReactNodeSQLpostgreSQLFirebaseResponsive Design

Featured Projects


Quizhub is a full stack progressive web application that facilitates multiplayer online quiz games, to allow people to play together remotely. The idea for Quizhub was inspired by lockdown / social-distancing and not being able to spend time with friends or family.



A full stack responsive Reddit-style news application. The frontend is built with React, while the backend is an API consisting of a relational database (to store news stories and information) built using postgreSQL database and an express server.

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Bootcamp Diary: Week 14 - The End!

OMG it's the final week of bootcamp!!! Where has the time gone?! This week we're finishing our project and graduating from bootcamp!


Bootcamp Diary: Week 13

So after spending all last week planning out our app on Trello; with countless notes, wireframes and component trees, we can finally start building!


Bootcamp Diary: Week 12 - Project Phase

So I think this is going to be an interesting week! We're all going to be learning how to work together as a team on our final project. First of all, we found out who was in our groups...


Bootcamp Diary: Week 11

Welcome back! You'll be pleased to know that this week went much better than last week! Last week was pretty tough and I was frustrated that I was struggling with React; by the end of the week though I did manage to create an app that I was quite happy with...

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